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Katherine  has worked with animals, co-founded and helped run two small businesses, collaborates with other artists, works as a comic book colorist and cover illustrator among other freelance illustration & graphic design work. She also participates in many art-related events and contests, and is forever on a quest to learn new things, push past her comfort zone and improve her skills.

Kat works primarily with mechanical drafting pencils, ink, watercolor, oil pencils and absolutely adores digital painting

  • Logo Design
  • Complex Illustrations
  • Emote Sets
  • Stream Overlays

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people and pets etc

streamer branding

Logos, avatars, headers, footers & Branding

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painting for comics and other media

book/album/media disk covers

full-wrap or e-book

Meet Katherine Dattilo

Katherine has been drawing and painting since childhood, with a focus towards fantastic realism and portraits in nature

She lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with her husband, their two sweet sons and their pets, a standard poodle and cat