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Author: Katherine Dattilo

We’re Making a Graphic Novel!


Chapter One  is out now, available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback, and a digital e-book for Kindle as well!  Keep a look out for Chapter two, it’s in progress right now and will be out soon 😀


Shellshock Comic!



My very good and massively creative and talented friend Lisa Mitrokhin and I are making a graphic novel! You can see bits and pieces of it being painted on my twitch stream, and here’s a little blurb from our star, as well as a sneak peak at our  process!  There will be much more news to come, but we are keeping things quiet for now 😉

Lisa is the keeper of the story, and also draws the amazing panels! We chat back and forth frequently about story elements, what we’re working on, and life. Here she is using her tablet to finish up the drawings for some panels and getting those lines nice and neat!


Over here on my end, after Lisa sends me the finished panels, I put the text-less versions of them in a mega-file, the whole chapter at once to keep continuity for colors. I paint them panel by panel, imagination in overdrive, really trying to imagine what it’s like to be there, how the light and shadows fall, the mood of the characters, the haze in the atmosphere etc.
My big ol’ floofy poodle Mr.Pie approves of the painting process!
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As of March 2018,

Currently using:

Wacom Cintiq
Adobe Photoshop CSS. I’ve moved the small monitor over to the right, but otherwise this is how I work.^_^ There’s usually a couple of mugs of coffee around, a big, fluffy, napping poodle right behind my chair, and even more plants! I rotate them so they all get the chance to grab some sunshine 😉


Before my wonderful hubby gave me this beautiful new beastie, I was using a small Wacom Intous for the past many many years, also a fantastic tablet 🙂



I also love to use physical mediums, I particularly like ink, colored pencil, and watercolor. Here’s what Igenerally have these close at hand:




Daler-Rowney FW Liquid Acrylic Ink,

Fudenosuke Brush Pens,

Pentel Fude Brush Pens,

Copic Multi-liners,


Ballpoint pens,

Prismacolor col-erase Pencils,

Bic Mechanical Pencils,

Faber-Castell Polychromos,

Derwent Watercolor & Inktense Pencils,

Prismacolor NuPastels

Sea Turtle painting with Koi Watercolors
Spongebob Drawing with Polychromos and a Posca white paint marker
Owl drawing, made with brush pens



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Animorphia Cheetahs

No video on this one, just done for fun one day, I think while I was still working on the toucans! I always seem to have a couple pictures going at the same time..

Ok, so months and months ago, I did a very thinned out layer of watercolors as a base.

first wip undertone
first wip undertone


When I picked it back up in June, I switched over to just using faber-castell polychromos.  Working with such crazy colors, I was fairly sure I was on the right track, but decided to take a picture with my phone, and de-saturate it to check the values. This is a handy thing to do when you are just not sure about something you are working on, just simplify it, and decide what needs to be adjusted.

compare cheetah saturation
compare cheetah saturation

Finished out the coloring, then put in a soft chalk pastel background, sprayed fixative, let dry, then put in some highlighting with a white posca pen.  This paper is entirely too big to fit on the scanner, so here’s the compiled scan, made from 6 different scans!

scan of cheetah, compiled
scan of cheetah, compiled
closeup of little guys
closeup of little guys, colors are off b/c 
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Animorphia Coloring Book, Toucans Process Tutorial

First video tutorial that I made, sped up! Also, I am so, so sorry.. the camera work is…. well..not great. But hopefully you can learn a bit about my process, and have some fun watching 😀


From start to finish, this took sometime between six and seven hours…  Here it is, compressed into a nice, neat, 25 minute chunk!

Much thanks to Kerby Rosanes, the illustrator who made this amazing book.


final animorphia toucans
final animorphia toucans


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