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Thanks for coming to the Holiday Bazaar at Portland Expo Center!

Thank you so much to those who came by to check out our booth at the bazaar, it was a really nice experience to come out to the Expo Center, and I will let you guys know when and where I will be...

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We’re Making a Graphic Novel!

***UPDATE*** Chapter One  is out now, available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback, and a digital e-book for Kindle as well!  Keep a look out for Chapter two, it's in progress right now and will be out soon 😀   [caption id=""...

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As of March 2018, Currently using: ______________________ Wacom Cintiq Adobe Photoshop CSS. I've moved the small monitor over to the right, but otherwise this is how I work.^_^ There's usually a couple of mugs of coffee around, a big,...

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Community Links! ...

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Animorphia Cheetahs

No video on this one, just done for fun one day, I think while I was still working on the toucans! I always seem to have a couple pictures going at the same time.. Ok, so months and months ago, I did a very thinned out layer of watercolors as a...

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Animorphia Coloring Book, Toucans Process Tutorial

First video tutorial that I made, sped up! Also, I am so, so sorry.. the camera work is.... well..not great. But hopefully you can learn a bit about my process, and have some fun watching 😀   From start to finish, this took sometime...

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