Hello and welcome, here’s the page I referenced in my new book, Bloomin Oceans!
These just some examples of five-color limited palettes.

If you’ve just come to this page, hi and welcome! We’re talking about limited color palettes here. To reiterate what I was talking about in the book, just read the excerpt below for when you’re feeling stuck looking at a new page.

“The best advice I can give is to set a limit for yourself, (I know, sounds odd), but it is so incredibly helpful freeing when you have a set boundary to work within.

Pick a handful of main colors to use, usually around three to five colors, sometimes more, plus the addition of black and white for toning. This technique is generally referred to as using a ‘limited palette’, or ‘restricted palette’. You can even just practice with monochromatic like black and white, or a single darker solid color with white.

Look at a painting or photo that you really like, and pick out the main and accent colors. If they appeal to you, try using them in your own picture. Feel free to add and experiment with different tones and variations from within that color family, see what you come up with. Remember, these are just general guidelines, not rules.”