Chapter One  is out now, available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback, and a digital e-book for Kindle as well!  Keep a look out for Chapter two, it’s in progress right now and will be out soon 😀


Shellshock Comic!



My very good and massively creative and talented friend Lisa Mitrokhin and I are making a graphic novel! You can see bits and pieces of it being painted on my twitch stream, and here’s a little blurb from our star, as well as a sneak peak at our  process!  There will be much more news to come, but we are keeping things quiet for now 😉

Lisa is the keeper of the story, and also draws the amazing panels! We chat back and forth frequently about story elements, what we’re working on, and life. Here she is using her tablet to finish up the drawings for some panels and getting those lines nice and neat!


Over here on my end, after Lisa sends me the finished panels, I put the text-less versions of them in a mega-file, the whole chapter at once to keep continuity for colors. I paint them panel by panel, imagination in overdrive, really trying to imagine what it’s like to be there, how the light and shadows fall, the mood of the characters, the haze in the atmosphere etc.

My big ol’ floofy poodle Mr.Pie approves of the painting process!